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Everything you need to know before coming to the Atelier

    You can book your appointment on the website by clicking on "Book an appointment" and selecting the nearest Atelier to you, or by calling the Atelier you wish to visit directly. You can find the contact information in the "Our Ateliers" section or by searching on Google for the Atelier in your city. Within 48 hours of your request, you will receive a call from our Bridal Assistants to get to know you and confirm the date and time of the appointment.

    Once arrived in Atelier, Bridal Assistants will welcome you and they will ask you some informations about your Wedding Day. In this occasion you can show them some inspo pictures about your Dream Dress. After that Bridal Assistants will assist you and suggest a selection of dresses to try on, based on your preferences, wedding style, and budget. If you decide to purchase a Dress + Veil + Shoes during the first fitting, you will receive an immediate 30% discount on the selected items. The average duration is about 2 hours.

    We recommend booking an appointment at the Atelier 12-9 months before your Wedding Day. All our dresses are a made to order, they require time and tailoring work, in order to receive a tailored dress only for you! Due to this reason we ask you to schedule your appointment well in advance.
    The dresses you will try on during the fitting won't be the one you purchase! A new one will be specially made for your Wedding.

    If you are going to marry really soon and you don't have the Dress yet, don't worry! We're glad to help you find the best solution.

    Before the appointment, we recommend starting by exploring our online collection and creating your wishlist to select your favorite dresses.
    For the first fitting, we recommend you a natural makeup look and nude-colored undergarments. Additionally, our Bridal Assistants will advise you on the perfect undergarments for your dress from our Lingerie line.
    The prices of our dresses are transparent, and you won't find any differences in all our Ateliers or on the website.

    You can bring 2 to 3 people with you. Choose your loved ones carefully to share this unforgettable moment with you. You can always connect with those who couldn't be there in person through a video call.

    In all our Ateliers, it's possible to customize the dress in three different ways, depending on the chosen model.

    Customization: You can make modifications to the dresses you try on. These changes can be discussed at the time of selection and added to the base price of the dress.

    Request a Sketch: If you can't find the right dress among the options in our collections, you can request a sketch to be created based on your desires and preferences. Take some photo inspos to the Appointment of your dream dress.

    Consultation with the Style Office: If you dream of having a unique and exclusive dress, you can request a personalized consultation with our Style Office. They can advise you on the fit and fabrics that best match your tastes and the style of your wedding. Please reach out to the nearest Atelier for more details.

    After the first appointment, you will need to visit the Atelier a total of 2 to 3 more times:

    First Fitting: During this appointment, you will try on the dress that has been exclusively tailored for you by our skilled seamstresses. We will ensure that the dress fits perfectly to your figure. For example, if you didn't purchase shoes during the first appointment, we will take measurements to adjust the dress length to match the height of your chosen shoes.

    Second Fitting: At this stage, we will verify that any tailoring modifications have been completed perfectly and that the dress fits your body precisely.

    Dress Delivery: As the big day approaches, we will deliver the dress to you, carefully packaged and pressed, ready to be worn on your wedding day.

    Once you have chosen the dress, it's time to enhance it with the various accessories available in our collection, such as belts, hairpins, boleros, and stoles. Remember that if you purchase a Dress + Veil + Shoes during the first fitting, you will receive an immediate 30% discount on the entire look.

    Due to the trust and relationship established with our bridal assistants, we recommend completing the process within the same Atelier for a seamless experience.

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