One of a kind

"Sometimes, a bride’s dream is not simply the dress itself,

but the ability to wear the most important garment of her life,

exactly the way she had always imagined and thought it would be.

Atelier Emé is ready to serve brides, to help make their dreams

come true and make their wedding day unique."


One of a kind dress for Caroline Koch

The Second Dress

The idea of changing dresses is the latest trend, and for the second part of her day Caroline chose a playsuit with a nod to disco music and the looks made unforgettable by Cher.

An unconventional piece, that best reflects Caroline’s identity and has always been linked to the world of clubbing and the magical atmosphere of Studio 54.

Thus she opted for a meticulous and high-necked playsuit that reveals a wide neckline at the back.

The sleeves and trousers feature plumage, and imposing shoulders with appliqués/threads of sequins, the most unforgettable details.

The process of creating One of a Kind dresses