€ 590,00 - € 790,00
€ 590,00 - € 790,00
€ 390,00 - € 590,00
€ 590,00 - € 990,00
€ 790,00 € 550,00
€ 590,00
€ 990,00 € 690,00
€ 490,00 € 340,00
€ 490,00
Two-tier tulle veil with a thin duchess silk edge
€ 190,00 - € 460,00
Two tier tulle veil with a thin horsehair trim
€ 170,00 - € 350,00
Tulle veil embellished with rebrodè lace motifs
€ 250,00
Pearl-embroidered tulle veil
€ 490,00 € 340,00
Tulle veil with a tulle rebrodè edge
€ 550,00 € 385,00
Tulle veil with a delicate lace edge and lace embellishments at the hem
€ 490,00 € 340,00
Tulle veil with embroidered tulle motifs
€ 550,00 € 385,00
Tulle veil with embroidery detail and three-dimensional flowers
€ 590,00 € 410,00
Veil with an embroidered tulle edge
€ 550,00 € 385,00
Horsehair trim tulle veil
€ 230,00 - € 290,00


The final touch on your wedding day, choose a veil that speaks to your style. Atelier Emé has a vast selection of wedding veils, ranging from traditional to modern designs to make you feel divine on your special day!

What is a veil?

Similarly, to how a white wedding dress is synonymous with modesty and chastity, so is the bridal veil a symbol of demureness. The veil comb is placed on your head depending on the hairstyle that you opt for. Traditionally, when walking down the aisle, brides wear a veil covering their face. Upon reaching the end of the aisle, the blusher veil is lifted to romantically reveal the bride.

How to match your veil to your wedding dress

For a refined and fairy-tale appearance, choose the veil of your dreams in accordance with the dress that you are wearing. If you are wearing an embellished dress, opt for a veil that is of a length that doesn’t conceal the beautiful details of your dress. Similarly, look at the elements of your dress for inspiration, for a lace dress, a lace veil would look beautiful. Alternatively, birdcage veils look great with vintage inspired dresses!

Do you need a veil?

It is not a necessity for a bride to wear a veil, although many brides decide to wear one because of the joy it brings them! Cathedral veils, which are one to two metres longer than the dress, guarantee that you will capture the hearts of your guests. If veils aren’t to your liking opt instead for our hair accessories, which will add an element of elegance and decadence to your wedding day!

What are veils made from?

Our wedding veils are made from elegant and luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, lace, organza and tulle. For a clean and minimalistic appearance, choose a long veil that is free from any beading or embroidery. To customise the colour and style of your veil, book an appointment with us today so that we can make all your dreams come true. Nothing is too out of the ordinary, from black bridal veils to edging in pearls!

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