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Bridal stoles are the perfect alternative to wearing a long-sleeved dress or a jacket on your wedding day. They are an elegant accessory, offered in whites and ivories, that can instantly elevate your bridal look!

What is the difference between a scarf and a stole?

A stole, unlike a scarf, is longer in length so that you can style it in multiple ways. A scarf is most commonly worn around the neck, whereas a stole is able to be wrapped around your shoulders and waist. Stoles are therefore more similar to shawls, although typically they are made from finer fabrics and intended for more formal occasions.

What is a stole used for?

A stole is a perfect accessory to complete your outfit; fashionable and functional, a wedding stole is what you need! To keep out a chill or to cover your shoulders in church, a stole is the perfect garment to carry off the task with sophistication. Have fun trying out new ways to drape your elegant stole to create a look that is unique to you!

What are stoles made of?

Made from chiffon and satin, our bridal stoles will lend their elegance and quality to your outfit to create a truly sensational wedding dress look. Silky and smooth, satin has a glossy finish that catches the light, which gives your outfit a beautiful fluidity. Chiffon is lighter and airier, perfect for summer weddings and a fairytale appearance.

How long is a stole?

Stoles come in various lengths ranging from 1.5 metre to over 2 metres in length. This excess of fabric is ideal for creating myriad looks from the same wedding stole. Try draping the stole around your shoulders, wrapping the edges over your elbows for an elegant appearance. For a more sophisticated look, wear the stole around your neck, leaving the ends to hang in parallel down your back, something which would look gorgeous with an open-backed dress.

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