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Bridal Collection

The 2021 wedding dress collection has been created for an elegant, sophisticated bride. Our wedding dresses stand out for their styles, silhouettes, lines, colours, embellishments and materials, and they are created to satisfy the tastes of every bride. At our Atelier you'll find a large number of dresses, from the classic princess dress to simpler dresses; from colourful dresses to lace dresses; from fishtail dresses to more unusual dresses; all of which can make you the best version of yourself for your special day. Created with luxurious fabrics including lace, silk, chiffon and tulle, our bridal gowns are hand-embroidered by expert seamstresses and embellished with details such as crystals or fringing. The colours available vary according to the design, from ivory to ruby red. Book an appointment and come and visit our Atelier to try on bridal dresses and veils, and find your perfect dress! // the dress of your dreams!


A modern, sensual and contemporary bride, bold in a restrained combination of wild and romantic.

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